Overactive Defense Mechanisms Could Cause Recurrent Urinary System Infections

Overactive Defense Mechanisms Could Cause Recurrent Urinary System Infections

The natural defenses reaction to urinary system infection could have a effect on the chance of recurrence – an overactive immune response seems to improve the danger, say researchers at Washington College Med school in St. Louis. Their study is printed within the medical journal PLOS Pathogens.

The scientists used a mouse model to show that severe inflammatory responses to initial urinary system infection (Bladder infection) may damage the bladder, leading to longer-lasting infection. Additionally they discovered that immunodeficient rodents – rodents with weak natural defenses – that didn’t have these severe inflammatory responses were much less inclined to are afflicted by chronic (lengthy-term, recurring) bladder infection.

Additionally they shown that rodents with past chronic bladder infection which was subsequently cured with antibiotic treatment develop persistent immune cell infiltrations inside the bladder wall, which rodents are highly prone to further Bladder infection.

Lead author Thomas J. Hannan, DVM, PhD., stated:


We found markers within the rodents that could eventually allow us to identify patients susceptible to recurrent infection and refine our treatment strategies. There have been infection-fighting elements within the responses of some rodents that people might, for instance, have the ability to promote through vaccines of these patients.

Huge numbers of people are afflicted by urinary system infections yearly. While treatment with antibiotics continues to be effective, antibiotic resistance is definitely an more and more growing concern, based on Scott Hultgren, PhD, director from the Center for Women’s Infectious Illnesses Research, in which the experiments were conducted.

Hultgren stated:


Ladies and infants are in finest risk for getting a Bladder infection, and chronic and recurrent infections are typical. UTIs are believed to result in around $1.6 billion in medical expenses each year within the U . s . States.


Researchers at Hultgren’s laboratory are actually collaborating with scientists in the College of Washington and Duke College to find out if the mouse results can cause them to markers of vulnerability to recurrent infection in humans.

“Early Severe Inflammatory Responses to Uropathogenic E. coli Predispose to Chronic and Recurrent Urinary System Infection”

Thomas J. Hannan, Indira U. Mysorekar, Chia S. Hung, Megan L. Isaacson-Schmid, Scott J. Hultgren

PLoS Pathog 6(8): e1001042. doi:10.1371/journal.ppat.1001042


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